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How to make a job recruitment meme that will blow your mind. 

It’s the job search of the century. 

The phrase is a perfect way to highlight a company’s strengths and offer a glimpse into the minds of prospective employees.

So, here’s how you can make one for your company:1.

Make a meme.

 Start by writing a catchy phrase that captures the essence of your company.

The idea is that a meme could be created in less than 15 seconds, but that’s what we’re talking about here.


Make it social.

You could write a catchy sentence and post it on social media.

Or, you can put a tag in the text that will be used to tag other people on your company’s social media channels.


Create an Instagram account.

Instagram allows you to upload a photo of your product or service, but there’s an easier way to create one. 

Simply tag a photo you want your employees to see.


Use a company logo.

A company logo can be any image you can think of, but a company that is popular with your target demographic can be an ideal choice.


Use the company’s name.

Your employees will likely have seen your logo before.

You don’t want them to think you are trying to make them work for free.


Use your company mascot.

There are so many company mascots out there, and the best way to keep your meme from getting lost is to keep it recognizable.


Create a Vine account. 

Vine allows you upload your product and it’ll be used by your followers to vote for your next job.


Use Instagram’s trending section.

Viral memes don’t have to be graphic.

Instead, the image you choose to use should capture your target’s attention and inspire them to look deeper into your company and ask more questions.


Create your own meme.

If you’re not a fan of the first option above, you may not have the experience of creating your own.


Post a photo on your social media platform. 

A photo that you take of yourself, or your products, is one of the most powerful ways to convey your personality to your target audience.


Create or edit your own video.

YouTube, Instagram, Vine, Vinelr, and Facebook are just a few of the social media platforms where you can create and upload your own videos.


Share a viral job recruitment video. 

Once your meme has gone viral, you could share it with your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, or email subscribers.


Tag your Facebook or Twitter followers.

Using the hashtag of your meme, you want to encourage your followers that you are recruiting them.


Create and share your own Instagram post. 

If you’re creating your meme on Instagram, use a simple hashtag to tag your image to show your target that you’re a company with a real-life, live-in employee.


Use Twitter hashtags for job recruitment.

You could use hashtags like #RecruitJob, #Recruiting, or #Employee. 

The more popular your company is, the more followers you’ll attract.


Create new memes.

If you don’t already have one in your team, you don.


Add a company name to your Instagram post and tag it with a hashtag like #EmployeesRecruit.


Use Facebook and Twitter hashtagged posts for job recruiting. 

Using Facebook and other social media for job hiring is a great way to promote your company by giving the potential employees a way to interact with you on the platform.


Create video content.

Creating video content is another way to get your job recruitment memes out there.


Share your meme with your business community.

Create an Instagram video that showcases your company with your current and prospective employees and share it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


Use Snapchat for job search.

Snapchat has made job recruitment a great social media tool for employers.


Create videos for your own company. 

This is a video-centric company, so create videos about your company for your employees. 


Create one for yourself.

Do you have a video for yourself that you want others to see?

Here’s a quick tip: Use the hashtag you want people to see in your post, and post a link to your video that says #employeesRecruiter.


Create memes for your team.

If you have some of your team members, create a meme of yourself that shows them that you have something to offer.


Use YouTube to upload your memes.

You can use YouTube to create your own memes, or you can use a company video to upload it to your

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