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Former WWE star Jack Rydan is now being investigated for recruitment by recruitment companies after being linked to a recruitment agency.

The ex-star was spotted in a photo with a recruitment company that is said to have contacted him after his WWE contract expired.

“I don’t think he ever intended to go,” a source close to the WWE told TMZ.

“He had a great career and was loved by fans and the business.”

Jack Rypien is the ringleader of a string of former WWE stars who are now in the entertainment industry and who have also been linked to recruitment firms.

Jack Rys, The Rock, Rusev, Triple H and others have all been linked in the past to recruiting companies.

One of them, The New York-based Global Talent Agency, has reportedly been contacted by multiple recruitment agencies over the past few months.

Sources close to WWE have said that Jack Ryrn has been offered jobs with various brands including Burger King, McDonald’s, and The Red Cross.

Jack has also been spotted in photos with a number of companies.

Sources say he was approached by an unnamed recruiter on the night of his contract expiration.

The former wrestler has been linked with a variety of recruitment companies over the last year and is thought to have met with them several times.

In a statement to TMZ, Jack Ryn confirmed that he was contacted by two recruitment agencies, but denied he was shadow recruiting.

“No, I’m not.

I didn’t recruit anyone, but it was definitely a possibility that there was someone out there who was interested in me,” he said.

“My relationship with them is good and I’ve been in the business since the day I graduated from high school.

They asked me for a job and I was willing to accept.”

Jack also denied that he is a recruiter, saying that he would never be and that he “never said I’m a recruite.”

Sources close have also confirmed to TMZ that Jack contacted the Global Talent agency after his contract expired, and that they were contacted after he turned down a job offer from McDonald’s.

Jack also revealed that he received a phone call from a recruitable recruiter who was able to arrange a meeting with him.

Jack was scheduled to meet with the recruiter at McDonald’s in New York City on Monday night.

Sources also say that Jack met with an unnamed agent via Skype.

Sources said that the recruitment agency offered him the position of an assistant manager, and he accepted.

Sources have also said that it was not a one-on-one meeting, and the recruiting agency only offered him a part-time position as a trainer.

The agent also said Jack has been approached by a number more companies over time.

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