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I’ve been watching recruits like Dontae Moore, Zach Harper, and a couple of others play at the highest levels of college basketball for the past year and a half, and I’ve noticed that the recruits I’ve seen are almost uniformly great at recruiting.

Most are also highly regarded.

But in reality, they’re just doing what they love, and they’re doing it at the most competitive level.

That’s why, in the wake of the NCAA Tournament, recruiting is still a high priority for many college coaches.

The same is true for football coaches, who have to juggle high expectations and high expectations of their recruits, while also trying to keep them on board and keep them engaged.

To help you figure out which college recruit you’re best suited to recruiting for, we asked our panel of recruiting experts to rank every Division I college football program.1.

Oklahoma State Cowboys2.

Michigan Wolverines3.

Alabama Crimson Tide4.

Virginia Tech Hokies5.

Alabama A&M Aggies6.

Florida Gators7.

Penn State Nittany Lions8.

Florida State Seminoles9.

Arizona Wildcats10.

Texas A&m Aggies11.

Auburn Tigers12.

Virginia Cavaliers13.

Auburn Bears14.

Mississippi State Bulldogs15.

TCU Horned Frogs16.

Mississippi Trojans17.

Baylor Bears18.

Arkansas Razorbacks19.

Kentucky Wildcats20.

Texas Longhorns21.

Georgia Bulldogs22.

North Carolina Tar Heels23.

Missouri Tigers24.

Michigan State Spartans25.

Arkansas State Red Wolves26.

Ohio State Buckeyes27.

Oregon Ducks28.

Texas Tech Red Raiders29.

Colorado Buffaloes30.

Colorado State Rams31.

Fresno State Bulldogs32.

Oregon State Beavers33.

Kansas State Wildcats34.

Utah Utes35.

Texas Christian Warriors36.

Oklahoma Sooners37.

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets38.

Kentucky DerbyStars39.

Texas State Bobcats40.

Arizona State Sun Devils41.

Colorado Pioneers42.


Fresno Grizzlies44.

Ohio Bobcats45.

Colorado Rams46.

Utah State Aggies47.

USC Trojers48.

Oregon Aggies49.

Utah Redhawks50.

Florida Panthers51.

Florida Knights52.

Texas Golden Bears53.

California Golden Bears54.

Utah Alamo Champs55.

Georgia Aggies56.

Washington State Cougars57.

Washington Huskies58.

Kansas Jayhawks59.

Kansas Golden Bears60.

Arizona Aztecs61.

Georgia Golden Eagles62.

UCLA Bruins63.

Texas-San Antonio Cougars64.

UCLA Blue Angels65.

Stanford Cardinal66.

UtahState Aggies67.

Iowa State Cyclones68.

Colorado Bears69.

Boise State Broncos70.

Boise Panthers71.

Utah Aggies72.

Oregon Golden Bears73.

UCLA Trojams74.

Arizona Cardinal75.


Colorado Redbirds77.

Oregon Huskies78.

Utah Grizzlies79.

California Buffalos80.

Washington Cougars81.

USC Buffalikes82.

Oregon St Bears83.

Utah Trojks84.

Stanford Trojhers85.

Boise Bears86.


Arizona Redbirds88.

Oregon Cougars89.

USC Redbirds90.

Arizona Cardinals91.

Colorado Wildcats92.

Boise St Broncos93.

Stanford Buffalies94.

Colorado Huskies95.

USC Golden Bears96.

Washington Trojets97.

Washington Bears98.

Utah Wildcats99.

Arizona St Cougars100.

Washington Ducks101.

Oregon Sun Devils102.

Arizona Sun Devils103.

Utah Cougars104.

USC Bulldogs105.

Stanford Broncos106.

OregonSt Bears107.

Colorado Golden Bears108.

Oregon Trojuts109.



Oregon Redbacks112.

Washington Golden Bears113.

USC Broncos114.

Oregon Buffaliers115.

Colorado Rebels116.

Oregon Wildcats117.

ColoradoSt Broncos118.

Colorado Trojums119.

Oregon Utes120.


Colorado Utes122.

Colorado Broncos123.

Utah Rams124.


Arizona Utes126.

USC Rebels127.

Colorado Cardinals128.

OregonState Trojems129.


Washington Bulldogs131.

Colorado Cougars132.

Colorado St Broncos133.

USC Bears134.

Washington St Broncos135.

Colorado Cardinal136.

Utah Broncos137.


Colorado Ducks139.


Arizona Bulldogs141.

Washington Buffalaries142.



ColoradoStateMountain West144.


Washington Utes146.




UtahAlamo Chams150.







ArizonaStateCrows156. ArizonaSun

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