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Navy recruitment efforts are underway, and some of the key factors are changing.

The Navy is recruiting for positions in the military, aviation, science and education, and government, according to Navy Secretary Ray Mabus.

“We want to be a leader in innovation and education in the Navy,” Mabus said on Monday.

In recent years, the Navy has created an Office of Strategic Innovation (OSI) that works with the Department of Defense to identify, develop and execute the Navy’s future innovation programs.

At the same time, the Department is making significant investments in technology to support the Navy and the Department, including a $1.6 billion contract with Microsoft.

The Navy also announced that it will hire more than 1,500 new employees in 2017 and 2020.

The hiring will begin in early 2019, and the first new hires will be sworn in in 2021.

The Pentagon is expanding its efforts to help recruit new talent.

The U.S. Army is using a recruiting drive called NextGen to encourage new members to consider the military’s military service.

For recruits to receive a green card, they must complete a Navy-specific test, and those who pass will receive benefits, including access to military benefits such as housing and a pay raise.

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