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U.S. Navy recruiting officers are using social media to help recruit potential officers in a new way.

The Naval Academy has announced plans to create a new recruitment website and to provide information about its recruitment process to all prospective recruits and their families.

The academy said it would also give all officers a free copy of its new recruiting guide, which details how to complete a military career, and how to apply to jobs in the Navy and Marine Corps.

The new recruiting website and information will be available to all enlisted officers on or before Jan. 31.

Naval Academy spokeswoman Mary Nelkin told CNN that the website and materials are not available to enlisted officers.

She did not give a timeframe for when the information would be available.

Navy recruiters are already using the website, but the information is not available on all officers.

The academy said officers will receive training on how to use the new website on Jan. 26.

The Navy’s recruitment website will have an extensive section on how recruits can get into the Navy, including a step-by-step guide to applying for jobs in a variety of disciplines.

Nomadic recruits will also have a section on military career options, which is also being rolled out, and it will offer information on how officers can pursue a career in the military.

Nancy Biddle, the academy’s senior recruiter, said the website will provide information to all recruits, their families and recruiters, so it will be useful for those who are looking to apply.

The website will be used to connect with officers and their parents.

Biddle said the new recruiting site will allow officers to share information about their experiences in the Armed Forces.

Numerous online forums have already been set up to share the new recruitment site, which will be open for about two months.

The new website will not be available for recruits who do not already have an account on the new site, she said.

Biddle said she had no idea how many officers were using the new recruiter website, and said the academy had been working with the military recruitment office for years to get the service ready for the new platform.

The announcement comes just two weeks after the Navy announced plans for a new recruiting system for officers.

Last month, the service announced a new platform for enlisted officers that includes a new system for recruiting officers.

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