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It’s a recruitment season full of excitement.

For one thing, the United States Navy is recruiting more women and people of color to its ranks.

But the United Kingdom is also making its mark on the sea.

That’s where you’ll find a number of young people who have enlisted to join the Royal Marines, the first British armed forces branch to do so.

The Marine Corps has more than 4,300 Marines, but its recruiting pool is smaller than in the United Arab Emirates, Canada and the United Nations.

It’s also the least-represented military in the world, and recruiting is a major source of that.

With fewer recruits than the Royal Navy, the Royal Marine Corps recruits less women and minorities.

And yet, that’s not stopping the recruitment of many of the best and brightest young people from the United Empire.

And in many ways, it’s the recruiting season that has the most impact on recruiting in the military.

“You’re not going to see a huge amount of recruiting, but it’s an incredibly exciting recruiting season,” says David Cairns, who is in charge of recruiting for the Royal Canadian Navy.

“The recruitment of young women and young people of colour is huge, and they’re not necessarily coming into the navy for the right reasons, but they’re coming for a lot of the same reasons.

And you have to be able to connect with the recruiting process.”

One way to do that is to recruit by phone, email or in person.

“What we’re trying to do is make sure we’re reaching out to those recruits and being a little bit more direct with them,” Cairnes says.

The process involves both recruiting a candidate and getting them to join an infantry unit.

The candidate has to have at least one year of combat experience.

They must be at least 18 years old.

The unit must be assigned to an area of the world that is not currently considered part of the British Isles, and there are some exceptions to the rule.

“If you’ve got someone who’s in the U.K. or an area that is outside the U

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