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The Army recruiters of the Indian Army’s elite corps of elite soldiers have sent a man to the People’s Republic of China, seeking to recruit him to join their ranks.

The Army’s Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) in India said on Friday that the man, who is part of a special force under the DRDO, was recruited by a group of Indian soldiers in the Chinese territory of Dandong.

The DRDO’s website said the man is from an Army training camp in Jammu and Kashmir.

“He is studying to be a soldier in the Special Forces.

He is studying at a military school in J&K,” the DRO said in a statement.”

He is expected to participate in military exercises and will be trained at the Defence Research Laboratory in JK,” it added.

The man’s name is Tanwar, and he will be working at the defence research lab in Jodhpur, which is in Jandiala district in southern Jammu.

The Indian army has a huge cadre of officers who are trained in the country’s military.

The elite corps has an estimated 1.1 lakh soldiers, but most of them are from the reserves.

India’s Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar said last month that it is likely that India would recruit at least 500,000 people to join its elite army.

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