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Air Force recruits have been advised to refrain from discussing gender, a recruitment official told The Hindu.

In a letter sent to the air force recruiting team, Air Force recruiter Lt.

Gen. S. Subramanian Singh said the airforce was “committed to supporting the growth of female soldiers in all aspects of life and to making the lives of the female troops as fulfilling and rewarding as possible”.

“We are committed to supporting our air force’s efforts to empower our young people and to foster a culture of equality for all members of our Armed Forces,” he said.

“As a result, we have no intention of recruiting or encouraging girls to come to the USAF.”

Singh also said that while women are now eligible to be part of the air corps, they are still excluded from combat roles. 

In a statement to the Air Force Recruiting website, the recruiter said he had no comment to make on the recruitment of girls, other than to note that recruiters are required to abide by the gender neutrality policy. 

“While we have a gender neutral recruitment process, we will continue to support our female soldiers by providing them with appropriate training and support in every aspect of their life,” the recruizer said.

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