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A recruitment agent has warned that recruiting space-force recruiters are not the same as military service recruitment agents.

Jack Ryan Shadow Recruitment, based in Adelaide, said it was not a recruitment agent and said it could be a “grey area” for recruits.

The firm has been recruiting for the Australian Defence Force since 2012.

It has also been recruiting military personnel for the Army and Navy for over a decade.

“The difference between the two is that you’re recruiting in the context of a recruiter and not someone who is the recruiter themselves,” Mr Ryan said.

A spokesman for Defence said the recruiting industry was a “very complex area”. “

I don’t know if I would have considered myself a military recruiter or an air force recruiter, but if I did I would say they are very different.”

A spokesman for Defence said the recruiting industry was a “very complex area”.

“We’re constantly looking at ways to make it easier for people to get the right information and to understand the issues in the industry,” the spokesman said.

He said the recruitment industry was different to the military in that there were “no compulsory military qualifications or a set of rules or requirements”.

“As an industry, we do not require anyone to take part in an induction process or training,” the spokesperson said.

Mr Ryan, who is a retired army captain, said he started his career as a recruitment officer in the US in the early 1980s.

He then worked in the commercial airline industry and eventually went to work for an airline company.

“One of the things that was so amazing about my experience was how much of a challenge it was to get a job as a recruiser in the military because of the bureaucracy,” he said.

“When I left the military I had been on the payroll and had been a military employee for 18 months, and I had to do all the paperwork for the airline and the airline company and for the recruitment agent.”

I remember going into the recruitment office and it was all in the name of the recruiser.

“She has a wonderful work ethic, very, very intelligent and a lovely smile.””

It was the beginning of our daughter and I’s early childhood and I couldn’t have been more proud of that career,” he told ABC Radio Adelaide’s Weekend Today program.

“She has a wonderful work ethic, very, very intelligent and a lovely smile.”

The people that we work with in the recruitment business are very experienced.

I have been through all of that.

He also said recruiters need to be “slightly more upfront about the work that they’re doing”. “

If you can get into an air base, if you can put a foot in the door and say, ‘I’m here to do this’, you’re going to be on the radar very quickly,” he added.

He also said recruiters need to be “slightly more upfront about the work that they’re doing”.

The recruiter who is working for the military has to sign off on every piece of paperwork.

“They have to sign the paperwork in advance so that they know that they have completed everything that they need to do,” he explained.

Mr Ryan said recruiter recruitment was a difficult industry to enter.

If a recrumer is doing an application to work in the defence sector, they have to get clearance from the Defence Force before they can apply.

“We do a lot of work that’s done by the recruis, and we do it very quickly because we don’t have time to do it in the normal way,” he noted.

The spokesman said it would be a mistake to think the recruitment sector was a grey area for recruiters.

“In the military it’s a grey zone, it’s not,” he stressed.

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