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Christopher Hitches: You’re right.

This was a very clear, very clear indication that we are the enemy.

Now, if it was the United States that had invaded Iraq, that was the enemy, but if it were the United Kingdom that had attacked France, that is the enemy too.

So, if we were to be the enemy we are, we have no alternative.

Hitchens: Well, but let’s see, how many of us would actually be in a position to attack the United Nations if they are the real enemy?

And if we are in the position to do it, how are we going to do that?

I mean, it’s quite simple.

The United States and Britain have been attacking us for years, so the idea that we would be able to attack them in a way that they would not be able, is not very plausible.

Christopher Hitchen: But the United states and the UK are doing so without any legal justification, Christopher Hitched.

Christopher: I mean it’s just, you know, I mean there’s no law that allows us to go after the United Nation.

I mean if we attacked them, that’s illegal, but then we could have attacked them and the same would be true if we did attack them.

So the United nations, the United countries, do not have a legal justification for what they are doing.

Hitches says he believes the United powers would not hesitate to attack a third country.

Hitchers comments are echoed by his former colleague, Stephen Walt, who told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: It’s absolutely obvious that the United Nations have no legal justification whatsoever to attack countries in the Middle East.

He said the UN was “a figment of the United Powers imagination” and he had “never met a human being who was not frightened of the threat from the United National.”

Hitchens’ comments have been interpreted as an endorsement of British Prime Minister David Cameron’s assertion that the country will attack Iran, and have been seen as a rebuke to the United Arab Emirates, a US ally.

The UAE’s Emir Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, who is the UAE’s leader, told the Associated Press that the UAE would not seek to attack Iran if it is not attacked by the United kingdom.

The Associated Press said that the UK had also expressed its support for the attack on Iran and said that it would provide “whatever assistance is required”.

Hitchens has said that if the United sovereign powers did attack Iran he would not stop until the UK was attacked, but would instead “punch the ball out of the ball.”

He has said the United is “an enemy of freedom, liberty and democracy.”

The British prime minister said he believed the United nation would attack Iran.

Hitts has previously said that “we are the enemies of freedom and liberty and we have to stop them.”

Hitches has also spoken out about the dangers of climate change, and said “I think we should be concerned about climate change because I think we are going to see some of these extreme events”.

The BBC reported that Hitchens is a vocal climate change denier.

The Independent reported that the BBC was “concerned” by Hitchens comments on climate change.

He also has spoken out against same-sex marriage and has called for a new constitution.

Hitchen has called climate change a “false crisis” and said he “does not believe that man-made climate change is an issue”.

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