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The White House is attempting to cut spending by more than $1 trillion over 10 years.

That’s enough to make up for $1,000 in new military spending over that time.

The goal is to save $1.3 trillion over the next decade.

But that’s only if we’re willing to put up with the continued loss of American lives in the process.

A report released today by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, concludes that our military has a “significant risk” of “recovering its pre-9/11 military budget at or below pre-war levels” and that “the military is currently underfunded and overstaffed by more staff than at any time in our post-war history.”

The study found that the military’s budget has grown more than threefold since the September 11, 2001, attacks, and that it now has the “highest per capita military expenditures since World War II.”

The authors warn that the Pentagon has been “moved into a crisis mode” that has led to a “dramatic increase in the military budget” since 2014.

And they warn that we are “significantly” reducing the number of military personnel in the United States, and “the number of Americans deployed to the global war on terror has increased sharply since 2016.”

There are also serious threats to the national security of the United State from threats emanating from the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia.

The report warns that “threats from North Korea and Iran, and regional tensions, pose a growing threat to U.S. national security interests, including those related to security, and the national interest.”

The report also notes that the rise of China has “put the United Kingdom and the United European countries under greater strain, resulting in higher costs and lower military readiness and effectiveness for the U.K. and the European Union.”

These challenges pose a clear and present danger to U,S.

and international security, but they don’t come as a surprise to anyone who is paying attention.

The United States has been in a constant state of crisis and instability since World Wars I and II, and there has been no end in sight to the war on terrorism since 9/11.

In the coming years, the United Nations will attempt to negotiate a new global agreement on climate change, a move that will lead to a new round of wars and military interventions.

The U.N. is the sole superpower in the world, and many have expressed concerns that the United Nation Security Council, or UNSC, may be dominated by the U,s.

The Trump administration has proposed slashing U.s. foreign aid and sending it to “countries that have proven their willingness to use human rights abuses and other human rights violations to advance their own interests.”

We’ve already seen this in the past, when the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain have been found guilty of human rights breaches.

But it’s clear that the Trump administration is willing to sacrifice the security of our allies and partners to protect its own.

The American people are well aware of these issues.

According to a recent poll, only 36 percent of Americans think that U. S. military action in Syria or Iraq will help the U.,s.

defeat the Islamic State.

More than three-quarters of the country says that it will not.

And even the American public is wary.

The latest CNN/ORC poll found that 52 percent of respondents believe that “it is unlikely that the U.”s.

would be able to win the war in Syria, while 46 percent believe that the war will likely drag on for years.

So what’s going on here?

The White,s military has been fighting terrorism since the end of the Cold War, but the administration’s military budget is only a fraction of what it was in the 1950s and 1960s.

Today, the military is one of the largest employers in the Us. and is the largest employer in the entire world.

The president has promised to keep our military strong, but this is a promise that could easily be broken.

If the administration were serious about reducing military spending, the Trump Administration should work to address the growing budget crisis and address the concerns that are already raising.

And the US.

Congress should work with the administration to achieve a better budget plan for the military.

A growing military budget and a growing national debt are not mutually exclusive.

It is a matter of balance.

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