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The recruitment office of the Navy has admitted it was unprepared for the flood of people coming to join the service after the election, in a video which was posted online on Thursday.

The video, which was shot by a volunteer who has been working at the recruitment office for the past five years, shows the receptionist in the recruitment centre, which is located in the northern city of Vladivostok, with her head bowed in the manner of a priest and the flag of the Russian Orthodox Church hanging on the wall.

It is the first time the recruitment service has admitted that it was not ready for the influx of more than 50,000 recruits after the announcement that the election had been rigged.

In the video, the recruitment officer can be heard telling the woman in the video that she will not be able to take her job.

“We are not here to make any promises,” she says.

“We are just here to fulfill our duties.”

In the recruitment video, a volunteer called Masha says she joined the recruitment operation after being told to by the recruiters, who said they would make it happen, adding that she has not seen the recruitment official since the day of the election.

“It’s all done, and it’s all going to be OK,” Masha, a 19-year-old university student, said.

“They are telling me that I can get my job.

The recruiters are going to make it.”

The video shows the recruitings official telling the recruitress that she can not leave the recruitment building and is not allowed to leave the building without being escorted by security guards.

“I am not allowed out,” the recruitment employee says.

“So I have to keep quiet,” she continues, adding: “You can’t get out of here.”

Masha said she believes the recruitment staff should be investigated by the authorities.

“If they do find someone that is corrupt, I hope that they do the right thing, to investigate them,” she said.

“And if they do it and they can find out who the corrupt ones are, I will tell them.”

A navy official in Vladivstok said that the recruitment center has received hundreds of calls about the recruitment of people from abroad, and that the organisation will try to take all necessary measures to protect the rights of recruits.

“The people coming here have been coming for years, they are very happy here.

They know the job,” the official said.”[But] we are doing our best to accommodate everyone who comes here.”

The recruitment center, located in a small building in the centre of the city, is a place where recruits can work with a real-life recruiter, who can help them find their place in the military and to prepare for their future enlistment.

But Masha said that she does not believe that the recruiter is in the same league as the recruit, saying: “She’s a recruiter.

She is not a recruist.”

According to Russian news site RIA Novosti, which first broke the story of the recruitment agency, the number of recruits has increased in recent months, with many returning from the United States and Europe, where the US election was heavily criticised for its manipulation of the vote.

The recruitment centre has been accused of allowing recruitment to go on despite the fact that the Russian military had said that it would not be allowed to recruit people in Crimea, which it has a naval base in.

The move to recruit more foreign recruits was criticised by the Russian government and by the United Nations.

The US embassy in Moscow has said it is concerned by the increase in the number coming to the recruitment facility, which also hosts a large group of volunteers who provide advice to people who want to join.

“While it is an important part of our recruitment and retention process, it is unacceptable that the number has increased over the past few months,” the embassy said in a statement.

“There is no excuse for the recruitment practices that have led to the increase, which include the recruitment process for people who do not want to become active members of the military or the recruitment by people who are in the process of leaving the military.”

The Russian government said it will conduct a review of the processes for recruiting foreign volunteers in light of the situation.

“On Thursday, October 9, we will conduct an internal review of how the recruitment procedures and standards for the Russian Armed Forces are being enforced, in order to ensure the protection of the rights and freedoms of all the Russian population,” the ministry said in an emailed statement.

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