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A major league recruiter has warned of a looming recruitment crisis in the military recruiting industry and has urged companies to “go to the source” and look into local jobs and places of work.

The military’s recruiting industry is reeling from a string of high-profile recruiting failures and a spate of suicides, which has raised concerns about the long-term future of recruiting.

“I think we need to look at where our recruits are coming from,” Air Force recruiter Mike McConkey said during a recent phone call with Fortune.

“If you look at the state of recruitment in the United States, and the national recruiting industry in particular, we are at a point where it is a crisis.

We are going to have to do something to help.”

McConkey’s comments came after the Air Force Department of the Air and Space Command released a report last month that showed that the AirForce is seeing a significant drop in the number of applicants who successfully complete basic training.

The report also said that the military’s recruitment effort is struggling to find new recruits for all of its active-duty and reserve troops.

“We’re seeing a trend of people wanting to go somewhere that they know they can be successful and have a positive impact on the service,” Air Combat Command Air Force Lt.

Gen. Mike Brown said during the call with the business group.

“There are opportunities to get people out there and there are opportunities that are less expensive than going to a job interview or going to work.”

McConnkey is not the only military recruiter to raise the issue, with other business leaders also raising the issue in recent weeks.

“You can’t have an entire industry on autopilot and expect it to work,” said Michael J. Murphy, a senior vice president at recruiting firm WardsAuto.

“The Army is looking at recruiting at the lowest level since the Vietnam War, and we are not seeing that return to the level we were seeing before.

We have a lot of talent in the Air National Guard and Marine Corps that are not in the Army.

There are places out there for people to get into.”

In a recent interview with CNN, Air Force recruiting chief Maj. Gen., Dan Rieder said the recruitment industry needs to be proactive about recruiting and working with local companies to find job opportunities.

The military is in a “very challenging situation,” he said.

“I think the recruitment problem that we’re having right now is a problem for a lot more reasons than just the fact that we can’t recruit the number and the quality of talent we need.”

According to a report by the Government Accountability Office released last month, the Army and Air Force are facing a recruiting crisis.

It found that the Army is seeing the lowest number of recruits for years and is recruiting only about 15% of its intended recruits.

Meanwhile, the Air Guard and Navy are seeing the highest number of recruitments and are recruiting nearly 90% of their intended recruits but only about 3% of the recruits.

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