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The Ducks are one of the biggest names in the NCAA, but that’s not always how they recruit.

They’re not just taking recruits from around the country, they also have a very specific recruiting process that requires players to sign with the school directly.

In fact, it seems like a lot of the top recruits from the Pac-12, ACC and Big Ten are coming out of Oregon.

However, there’s a lot more to it than just the school recruiting.

Here’s what you need to know about recruiting in the Pac 12, ACC, Big Ten and Big 12.1.

The Pac-8 is the most competitive conference in the country and the Ducks are a Pac-10 contender.2.

Oregon’s recruiting has been a little off this year due to the recruiting crisis that has been plaguing the conference.

However this season is still going strong.3.

The Ducks have a unique recruiting strategy that involves the players taking an online class and then watching their parents and family members sign the papers.

It’s something Oregon fans have been asking for since 2012.4.

Oregon has recruited the No. 1 player in the nation in Jared Goff, and that’s an impressive feat considering how deep the Ducks’ class is.5.

Oregon is the only team in the conference that recruits at the high school level.

However the Ducks have also signed the No 2 player in America, Trey Burton, and they’ve also added four-star tight end/center Jameis Winston.6.

Oregon doesn’t have a big-time recruiter.

Instead, it relies on players from outside the conference, including a number of players from the Big 12 and Pac-15.7.

Oregon recruits players from a wide range of backgrounds.

Some players have been from the US military and have been through college football camps.

Others come from diverse backgrounds.

This is not the norm in the ACC.8.

The Oregon Ducks have some big-name recruits on the roster.

Trey Burton is the No 1 player nationally in the 247Sports Composite, and it’s also not hard to see why.

He’s an outstanding athlete, and he has the skills to be a good NFL quarterback.

The rest of the class is talented, too, including two-star offensive lineman/guard Nick Chubb, who is from Virginia Tech.9.

Oregon does have some top-tier recruits on its roster.

In particular, offensive tackle Brandon Doughty is a top-10 prospect nationally and it was a surprise to see him take a visit to Oregon.

But he is still unsigned and could be headed to the NFL.10.

The program has made it clear it wants to recruit top recruits in the US, but the Ducks don’t have many big-money commitments yet.

The biggest of them is Oregon’s top recruit, Trey Ware, who was committed to the Buckeyes from last August.

But the Ducks will likely only offer him a scholarship if he commits to Oregon and the program offers him a one-year deal worth $8.3 million.11.

The recruiting environment is a bit different than other schools in the state.

Oregon, for example, is a relatively small market and it can be hard to find players.

The players are a mix of kids from around Oregon and players from across the country.

The recruits are also from a very diverse set of backgrounds and different backgrounds are coming from different places.12.

The schools biggest challenge is that it takes a lot to get a high school graduate.

That’s the biggest challenge Oregon has had recruiting.

This has been true since the program started, but with the recruiting crunch Oregon has been trying to keep the quality of its classes up.

This year is no different.

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