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Google is trying to recruit top talent to run its business from India, a country where it’s been one of the biggest tech companies.

The company is also in the process of opening up its digital ecosystem in the country, and has partnered with tech start-ups to streamline its operations.

In the past, many tech companies have been reluctant to move into India, which has been a haven for tech companies to scale their operations.

It has long been thought that the country’s regulatory environment, and the lack of a robust tech industry in it, would limit the growth of tech companies here.

The new partnership with a startup called Revantra, a startup focused on cloud computing and digital payments, is a big win for Google in India.

The new company aims to provide services to businesses and startups, such as cloud computing, financial services, data analytics and other technology.

Revantrases services to cloud providers in India, and provides them with its services to customers in the region.

Revantra has recently begun expanding in India and is also working on new products.

The Revantras platform has the ability to integrate data from several sources, including the Revantrar, which is used by some online shopping portals, to analyze how the shopper is using their device.

The data is then shared with the Revera team to help them develop better analytics tools.

“We believe that by building out Revantar, we can leverage the immense expertise and technology capabilities of the cloud computing ecosystem in India to provide the best platform for the Indian market,” said Vinay Sharma, cofounder and CEO of Revantro.

Revera is a mobile payment solution built on a data analytics platform, which will help banks and other financial institutions to make better use of mobile payments.

The platform can integrate with Revantara’s own API to access data from multiple sources.

The idea is to build a platform that can be used by any bank or financial institution, and enable them to provide better customer service through their existing platform.

Reverra, however, has yet to make any major hires in India yet.

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