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The families of some young Canadians who were recruited to join the military as teenagers may not have the right fit, according to new research.

In fact, the military is likely to have more trouble finding those families than the public at large, according the results of a survey of about 1,500 recruits.

A report from the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Forces Association says that, even if there is some merit in finding families who would be suitable for military service, the public should not rely on the data.

The research, conducted by the National Defence Academy in Kingston, Ont., and the Department Of National Defence, found that recruiters were often not able to find the best match for young Canadians.

The researchers said the public needs to be able to understand what is going on in the military in order to make informed decisions.

While some parents may be attracted to military service because of the opportunity to serve their country, the study found, others may not find the right match.

For instance, a Canadian Forces officer who was interviewed for the study said some families do not have a suitable military career, and that they are “more comfortable” with the traditional family system, which is based on a father and mother.

The military may have a higher rate of mental health issues among families, the officer said.

This is not the first time the military has raised the issue of mental issues.

Last year, it was revealed that many young people had experienced bullying in the army.

The government said it had already been working on improving the recruitment process for some families.

A previous report by the Canadian Military Association, which commissioned the research, found the military was unable to find some of its most promising young recruits because of a lack of access to the military.

The report said the military does not have enough mental health support staff in all branches.

It also noted that the number of families that were identified by the military’s recruitment centre was significantly lower than the number that would be deemed suitable for recruitment.

One reason families are not being selected for military recruitment is the lack of support available.

About 40 per cent of families surveyed by the academy and the research agency said they did not have support from the military to meet basic needs, such as living expenses and child care.

“In most cases, the families did not know if they were going to be admitted into the military,” said the academy’s president, Mike Gourlay.

“And they were probably not the best-fit for the military, either.

It may be that the military needs to look into what is working for families that are more appropriate for the training that they do.”

The academy is calling for the government to develop a “national strategy” to increase the number and quality of support families get to meet the needs of their children.

It is also calling for greater support for families at risk of mental illness.

Despite the government’s efforts, many families may still struggle to find their way into the armed forces.

The academy has recommended that families who are considered suitable for the Canadian Armed Forces should not be excluded from the recruitment, but that families not considered suitable should not have their children placed on a military base.

With files from The Canadian Press

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