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The LNP is the dominant force in the NSW market and has signed more than 300 players to its squads since the election.

The biggest signing of the season has been New South Wales’ LNP chief executive Peter Slipper, who signed five players in just four days.

Mr Slipper has also signed five new players to the LNP’s existing squads this season, including two from the ACT.

Another sign of the strength of the LNRL’s hand in the market has been the number of players who have signed to their NSW squads in recent days.

A total of 31 players have joined NSW squads, including the LPA’s Michael Toth, the ACT’s James Cook, Queensland’s Luke McIlroy, the South Australian duo of David Jones and Chris Ebert, the Victorian duo of Tom Lynch and David Kavanagh and the Victorian pair of Tom Smith and Josh McLean.

There are still six players who will remain unsigned, including players from the Victorian teams and the West Australian sides.

It’s an impressive figure for the LNGL, which had a turnover of just $1.3 million this year, but the trend is likely to continue as it continues to expand into other states and territories.

Meanwhile, in Western Australia, the LNSL is also in the hunt for recruits with a $4.6 million turnover.

The LNP has been heavily involved in recruiting recruits to its teams and is set to take a $3.2 million loss this year.

A new recruiting strategy will be introduced next year and the LNTL will be heavily involved.

It’s understood the LNAL is expected to make $7.8 million profit in the next financial year.

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