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A recruit from a military recruiting agency near me is heading to Texas to recruit a teammate. 

Jack Ryan Shadow, a former recruit at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, is a former Army Ranger and the son of a former sergeant-at-arms. 

Ryan was a member of the elite elite 1st Brigade Combat Team, a group that includes many members of the US Army Special Forces. 

According to a letter obtained by The Irish News, Ryan is on his way to Texas for the weekend. 

A friend of the recruiter, who asked not to be identified, said Ryan has made several trips to the Dallas area for his recruiting job. 

The friend said Ryan made several visits to the Texas Military Academy, including at least three visits over the past two months. 

“He’s very nice and he knows the area very well,” the friend said. 

This is not the first time Ryan has been in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. 

In August 2015, he was in Fort Worth for a recruiting session. 

There were also several visits during the recruiting season, but this time Ryan was not in Fort Wayne. 

Another source said Ryan is now headed to the New York City area, where he will be staying for a few days. 

He will then make the trip to Texas. 

Last week, another source said the Army was offering a three-year enlistment offer, with an offer of up to $55,000. 

When reached for comment, Ryan declined to comment on the offer.

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