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Posted October 06, 2019 14:29:53If you’re a college football fan and you’re reading this article, congratulations.

It’s a piece that will probably make you cry for a bit.

The website ranks every state in the country in recruiting rankings.

Michigan comes in at No. 23.

No. 25.

No, No. 29.

No no no no.

I’m sorry.

Michigan has one of the worst rankings for recruiting.

Not only that, but the website ranks Michigan state teams so poorly it’s actually the worst ranking of the five most populous states in the union.

The Badgers are No. 5 in the nation in terms of recruiting.

The rankings were created to rank all 50 states, and recruiters have to put up at least 100 recruits for every state to qualify.

The rankings were developed using data collected by the National Association of Basketball Coaches and released in January.

They’re not meant to be comprehensive.

The league uses a metric called “recruiting margin” which takes into account the amount of recruits a state receives from its two biggest boosters, Nike and Adidas.

The Badgers were No. 7 in recruiting, but that margin is actually less than it should be.

According to the recruiting website, Michigan State has a recruiting margin of less than 10 percent and the Wolverines are at about 14.7 percent.

Michigan State and Michigan are tied for third in recruiting margins.

They have a combined recruiting margin that’s about 3.5 percent.

If Michigan State had a recruiting advantage, the Wolveriners would have ranked No. 4.

Michigan State has been ranked No, 17 in recruiting since last November.

It was No. 16 in December, and it’s No. 14 in January, according to recruiting website 247Sports.

The Wolverines lost five players in the Class of 2019 to the NFL Draft and have been out of the top five recruiting classes since the first class was released in September.

That was a bad year for Michigan State, and the school has had its share of turnover.

But the Wolverans have been recruiting and recruiting and a lot of turnover in the past.

That turnover has resulted in a lot more bad news for the program.

For example, in the class of 2019, Michigan’s recruiting rankings were down to No. 24 and No. 21 in the Big Ten.

This year, Michigan ranked No., 19, and No., 22.

The Wolverines have lost three of the past four classes in the recruiting rankings and have a cumulative loss of 17 players to the draft.

The Big Ten has a cumulative recruiting loss of 10.7 players.

Michigan has one player from the 2018 class that is ranked in the top 50.

The Michigan football program has been the subject of national headlines since the NFL draft.

After the draft, it was revealed that the Wolverins had lost the number one pick in the draft to the Indianapolis Colts.

There have been numerous reports of the Michigan coaching staff being interviewed by the NFL in the next few days.

The program has had a rough start to the season, and this latest bad news might be a major blow to the program’s chances.

There is plenty of uncertainty surrounding the Michigan football team heading into this weekend’s game against Michigan State.

The recruiting rankings have come under fire for the past couple of years.

The sites rankings have been criticized for being biased and using bad information.

There were also concerns about the numbers.

The site’s founder and CEO was arrested in 2017 and the site has been plagued with problems with its recruiting rankings over the years.

The website was recently bought by the parent company of ESPN, but it’s not clear how much of the company is in charge of recruiting rankings at this point.

The new owner is looking to improve the site’s ranking and it is unclear how much influence the former owner of the site, Michael Smith, has on the website’s ranking.

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